Triller Confirms Sony Music Copyright Infringement Suit Settlement

While the Universal Music litigation is ongoing – “we are currently involved in litigation regarding payment of fees with Universal Music Publishing Group,” Triller wrote – the Julius parent put the SME courtroom confrontation in the rearview towards July’s conclusion, the prospectus shows.

Specifically, SME and Triller “entered into a Confidential Settlement Agreement dated July 21, 2023 to resolve Plaintiffs’ remaining claims and provide for an agreed plan for payment of the judgment,” per the document. Though the judgement refers to the $4.57 million mentioned above, Triller also “agreed to pay an additional sum of money” to the major label, the text indicates.

These newest details about the Sony Music-Triller showdown came to light in the latter company’s just-filed prospectus. The Verzuz owner Triller has for years been plotting to list its shares publicly, and as DMN was first to report yesterday, the company is now plowing ahead with a direct listing.


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