2023 Carolina Bible Camp Bluegrass Festival report

So a lovely day was enjoyed by all, with music from The Grascals, the Becky Buller Band, Williamson Branch, His & Hers, and Colin Cutler.

Jamie Johnson and Terry Smith with The Grascals at Carolina Bible Camp – photo © David Johnson

Heavy rains moved into the area, and required the postponement of the Wake Forest football game in nearly Winston Salem, but Festival Chairman Gregory J. Brewer said that their weather prayers were answered.

Staff volunteer Kirk Sans had his eye on weather radar all morning, and saw one large cell exhaust itself just beyond the campground.

“I watched at least six squalls get within two miles of Camp and then dissipate, just disappear. And then this big one, this huge storm cell, got closer than that. We could see the dark cloud just beyond our parking area. But it split, it just split, to the left and the right, and left Camp completely dry but for a few drops.”

We had planned to make announcements and move everyone into the safety of our buildings and cars, but we didn’t have a single pause in the program. The good Lord was watching after us.”

“We were prepared for the worst and prayed for the best, but there’s no way we could have predicted what would happen.

Thanks to Lisa Brewer with Carolina Bible Camp for sharing these photos from the festival, taken by David Johnson.

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The 11th annual Bluegrass Festival at the Carolina Bible Camp & Retreat Center in Mocksville, NC came off without a hitch earlier this month, but promoters had been concerned about big storms brewing on the horizon ahead of the September 9 show date.

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